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❶The Transfer Career-Internship Timeline offers some basic actions you can take during your time as a transfer student at UCLA to help build on your professional development and work experience.

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This course taps the wisdom of your 70 section classmates, with expertise in every industry and function. The programming is a mix of lecture, practicum, small-group breakouts and individual advising.

First-year students, grouped by industry and functional interest, meet weekly in their ACT groups to discuss industry trends, polish their networking and interviewing skills, meet with guest speakers, share contacts and motivate each other throughout the summer internship search process. Groups are led by second-year ACT Coaches, who have successfully navigated the career search process. In , our ACT groups included these industries and areas:. This program is similar to ACT, but tailored to first-year international students.

Meetings address both a domestic and international job search and cover topics such as: These occur throughout the year and feature Parker CMC advisors, second-year students, alumni and executives. Hundreds of companies seek out Anderson MBAs by visiting campus, posting jobs and searching through resumes.

We will help you expand your network and grow relationships with these companies, as well as with companies that may not have a large presence on campus: Leader Capital currently covers over selling agreements which include: The News Feed for this page offers a curated, live update on great opportunities in a wide range of industries.

Click on targeted hashtags to view featured internships grouped by industry such as: Students can log in to BruinView and keyword search this number to view a specific position. Remember that employers list up to new internships and student jobs every week on BruinView at career. We accept applications on a rolling basis, until all positions are full. For the purposes of the summer session, interested applicants are encouraged to apply no later than May 15th.

I have included information about the application process as well as the tasks and responsibilities associated with the position below. Interns support the Senator and her Field Staff in drafting memos, scheduling or attending meetings, constituent letters, conducting background research, phone calls, document requests, morning press clippings and attending events with the Senator when she is in the region.

Therefore, we need professional and friendly students with a familiarity with the American political system and current events. Additionally, strong writing and communication skills are a must. Interested students should follow the instructions given on the Intern Application, which can be found at http: All application materials, as detailed on the website, should be emailed to internapp feinstein.

No phone calls, please. The Office of Economic Policy, U. Our program runs year round with three sessions: Our program is about substance. Interns are generally assigned a long-term research project as well as smaller projects. Allow yourself to explore, and adjust to the new environment Explore resources and use them. These groups and people will be the best resources a student can have. Get the lay of the land: There are a ton of options, activities, and opportunities at UCLA.

Rather than get overwhelmed by them all, take time to learn about them, search them out, and prioritize. It is imperative that you allow yourself time to shift and adjust to the speed of the quarter system and your new environment as a transfer.

It is important to jump right in and experience all that UCLA has to offer, and it is equally as important to give yourself time to adjust. Be cognizant of the balance.

Maintain high academic standards. Reach out and utilize resources to help with the academic transition. Set up a BruinView account and make a same day appointment to meet with a counselor at the Career Center. Explore the Career Center Library, internship bar, and other benefits. Begin networking and conducting informational interviews Conduct informational interviews with professionals who work in your career field of interest by networking with alumni and field experts the Career Center, Transfer Program, and the Alumni Association all host networking event.

Shadow a professional at their work place, attend informational sessions, career fairs, and find other ways to get insights into your field of interest. Ask questions, interview your professors, teaching assistants, and other professionals about graduate school and career options. Secure a summer internship Winter quarter is generally the busiest internship-recruiting season although job searches go continuously so it is a good idea to always keep an eye out for opportunities —for instance accounting and business internships often begin in the fall.

Campus internships and summer jobs are also posted during the spring quarter closer to the summer. Think beyond UCLA as well. You can apply to summer programs, utilize connections outside of school, and be creative in thinking about opportunity and organizations you would like to work for. Determine if you need to get an advanced degree Prepare for graduate school if your career choice requires an advanced degree by researching programs, attending graduate school information sessions and fairs, and becoming familiar with admissions requirements and deadlines.

Is graduate school something that you want to pursue directly upon receiving your undergraduate degree, or if you will take a year or more off to work, travel, or do research? This is an important question to ask yourself, it will determine how you plan the rest of your time at UCLA. If you are considering graduate school check out the Transfer Graduate School Timeline. It is also important to start researching specific graduate school programs that you may want to pursue, and it is time to consider studying for and taking the GRE , or a comparable exam for your major LSAT , MCAT , etc.

This will help you learn more about your work preferences.


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The UCLA Career Center offers services and resources to help UCLA students, UC graduates and employers reach their goals. As a UCLA student, from the first day you arrive, we can introduce you to an array of career possibilities and internships and help you explore the link between your major and career choices. As a UC alumnus or alumna, we can assist you in transitioning from your current.

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The UCLA Career Center offers services and resources to help UCLA students, UC graduates and employers. As a UCLA student, the Career Center provides counseling, resume critiques and other resources and services to move you through your professional development.

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The UCLA Career Center can help you to: Gain a better understanding of your skills, interests, and personality- and learn how they relate to your career options Increase your knowledge of the job and internship search process - including writing effective resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes. InsideTrack Career Coaching. Copy Link; A career coach can help you get from where you are to where you want to go. UCLA Extension offers individualized and customized online career coaching in a joint partnership with the UCLA Alumni Association and the UCLA Career Center.

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But how often do you think about how it can help your career? Probably not often. Take Instagram—I certainly never considered using it for anything other than sharing my favorite vacation photos. InsideTrack Career Coaching; Resume Action Verbs; Networking. UCLA ONE – Bruin Alumni Networking Platform; LinkedIn Prep. UCLA Extension. Resume and Letter Writing Producing a good resume and a well written cover letter is a basic requirement for a successful job search. The Career Center is here to assist you with this important task by providing the following resources.